Here at sowartis, we provide a number of services for the media & entertainment industries.

Our impressive team provide core services which include; 3D Animation, 2D Animation & Graphic Design, Visual Effects (VFX) or Augmented and Virtual Reality-Products. In addition to these core services we offer Project- and Production Management, Innovation Management and Professional Training.

No matter what your needs or size of your projects, sowartis is here to support your teams and productions.

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Core Services

3D Animation


From modelling, texturing, rigging, animation, particles, lighting, effects, and rendering to CG supervision and scripted tools/workflows. We can offer you 3D and CG support services to cover anything that your 3D project may need.

2D Animation & Graphics


From concept art and illustration, to logo and stationary design, we offer a full range of graphic design services. Alternatively we can create 2D animations for any media output that is needed. Our team can fully support your operations at any stage.



Ready to take your live-action productions to the next level? Our team can create visually fantastic visual effects (VFX) for your projects; perhaps the next alien invasion, explosion, evil monster or a set-extension? We can bring them all to life!

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtuelle Realität Filled-100

You would like your clients to experience products in a new way? Our innovative team can also help you putting your ideas into new realities. It doesn’t matter if it is about games, visualization or just for promotion – we guide you into a new world.


icons8-Controller Filled-100

Our experienced team is happy to produce any kind of game for you to spread fun and challenge your clients! This includes games playable on consoles, apps or just in web. We also offer games in Augmented, Virtual or mixed Reality.



Our team can rapidly prototype your next great idea and let you, investors, clients or the public, experience your creation without the costs or long development time of the final product. Speak to us about how we can help you to visualise your next project.

Additional Services

Project Management


Our expert production team can compliment and enhance your project by offering consultancy, supervision and leadership. From on-site, on-set, off-site and remote working, our specialists can help give your teams the support they need.

Innovation Management


When you have the basic idea but need additional skills, expertise or support to push it to the next level, contact our innovative team so that we can discuss how to help you to realise your project’s true potential and help accelerate it’s growth.

Professional Training


Our team consists of experienced industry specialists from the creative, technical and production/management sectors of the media & entertainment industry. If you or your team need to learn the latest tips, tricks or techniques we are there for you.